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You can chat and call in Korean and make good Korean friends. Communicate about your interest with people, and improve your Korean skills through enjoyable things.


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Are you studying Korean or do you want learn Korean?
By solving Korean questions in K-Friends, you can learn Korean easily! If you have difficulties in studying Korean, you can ask Korean friends in K-Friends, and they’re ready to answer you!


Level Up
Korean Skills

Do you know Topik, Test of Proficiency in Korean?
We Offer you Topik Practice. You can heck out your Korean skills through various Topik level tests. We help you study confusing words grammatically and accurately with very fun way!

  • I couldn't speak Korean at all, but I made Korean friends in K-Friends and I can speak Korean a little bit. This was totally unthinkable! Someday I want to study in Korea to major in Korean. This isn't a very ridiculous dream, is it?
    Luis Martin
  • I'm so interested in Korean culture! I like K-Pop and Koreand foods. But I don't have friends those who have same interest around me. In K-Friends, I've made lots of friends so that I'm so happy! Someday I will go Korea to meet them.
    Victoria Taylor
  • I travelled South Korea last year, which is my first time to South Korea and It was very Amazing! If I have a chance, I wanna experience Korean culture more deeply. That's Why I downloaded K-Friends app and now I have some Korean friends. They teach me a lot so I'm very satisfied with the app!
    Abigail Wilson


Direct Connection
With Korean Friends

Do you want to ask something about Korean language or Korean Culture to Korean natives? You can do directly whenever you want by chatting and calling on K-Friends app! In addtion, your Korean will improve through it. It's an ideal way to learn Korean, isn't it?


Share your Interest
About Korea

Who’s your bias in K-POP groups? What’s your favorite Korean food? Where do you want to go in Korea? Share your all interest about Korea! There’re many friends who are interested in Korea like you in K-Friends and Korean friends might recommend something for you.

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The App is for learning Korean language by Chat & Call with Korean people and communicating with people who are interested in Korean culture!
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