Welcome to K-Friends

Chat and call your Korean friends directly! You can chat and call in Korean and make good Korean friends. Talk to each other through the timeline. Improve your Korean skills through games and level tests.


Solve all your questions about Korea

If you have difficulties when studying Korean or if you want to talk with locals about k-culture, Ask through the timeline. Korean friends are ready to answer you!


What if I could know my Korean level?

Topik, are you interested? Check out your Korean skills through various level tests. You can communicate with Korean friends according to your level and improve your Korean skills


Line games help your study

Enjoy fun Line games that help your study. You don't need to take any other classes to study Korean. Easy! Fun! With the Daily Game, you can learn words that are essential for real life.


Timeline your friend and KCulture you like the most

Enjoy Korean culture! who was you best Korean friend? What was your favourite korean food?


Make AI as your friend

Hi! My name is Sejong
I'm the youngest of K-Friends and I can help you study, introduce you to famous Korean restaurants, and be your friend.

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